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It is important that you first confirm your proposed site has a full view of the southern sky for most of the day, without any shading obstructions.

If your project is within a 30 mile radius of Falmouth, Massachusetts, we will most likely install the entire system with our own crew. If you are outside this area, we will provide the SolarBeam, and we will supervise it’s installation, which usually takes about 2-3 days. We are licensed to install only in the State of Massachusetts, therefre we will require contracting with a licensed professional in your area, if installation is outside of Massachusetts. The installation and engineering of the balance of the solar heating system will become your responsibility, or that of your selected Contractor. If you are outside of our area we can also act as General Contractors, license permitting, for you on the entire solar project, or we can simply provide you with the SolarBeam, and you can act as your own Contractor, or you may hire any other Contractor you desire. However, in any event, we must supervise the installation of the SolarBeam unit ourselves to assure it’s proper installation and award you the full warranty, and this installation cost will be included in your unit’s delivered and installed price. Please consult with us first before choosing your final location of the SolarBeam.

We highly recommend that you enter into a maintenance Plan to make sure someone either from our company or someone in your area checks the system on an annual basis, and we do offer an extended warranty for an additional fee each year.

It is important to have a solar engineer design the entire system for the proper amount of storage, whether your use is solar hot water or space heating. We can provide such engineering, or you may hire your own engineer. The SolarBeam system is very similar to a conventional flat panel solar system, with the SolarBeam only replacing the flat panel as the collector. The balance of the solar heating system is very similar to any other system, though allowances should be made for the higher water temperatures they may be encountered.