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Southern New England Solar LLC (SNES) in an innovative solar company based on Martha’s Vineyard. The Owner, Paul D. Adler, has owned and operated a design and construction company, building new homes since 1972, almost always incorporating passive solar design.

SNES does not wish to compete with the thousands of other solar companies now installing basic solar products. SNES specializes in the latest and newest innovative solar technologies that have proven to work.

Most solar companies install what are called fixed arrays, a stationary array of solar collectors pointed to the south. Whether for solar thermal (hot water) or solar electric production (PV), SNES firmly believes in the use of tracking the sun’s path to maximize daily absorption of solar energy. Gains of 30%-45% in solar energy can be achieved by tracking the sun, as opposed to a fixed solar array. Though there is a slight increase in price for the mechanics of tracking, the solar return over time is greatly increased. Also, trackers need less space than conventional fixed arrays, and can be raised above the ground so the space below them can still be utilized.

Trackers are often divided into single or dual axis tracking. Single axis trackers cost almost as much as a dual axis tracker, but only offer gains, over fixed arrays, of about 10-15%. Only dual axis tracking allows full tracking of the sun for maximum gains of 30%-40%.

Because dual axis tracking follows the sun from sunrise to sunset, you must have a clear view of the sky to fully utilize and justify the extra cost for a dual axis tracker. Generally, standing from where you want to install the tracker, if you can see the sun 30 minutes after sunrise until 30 minutes before sunset, you have an ideal location for a dual axis tracker.

Both Solar Thermal and Solar PV also have various state and federal rebates, that change year to year.