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Do remember, the following estimated cost can be reduced by almost one third by various state and federal tax incentives, and the prices quoted below  are only estimates.

If we only deliver and install one SolarBeam unit to your site, the SolarBeam has a cost of $23,500, plus any state sales tax and shipping. In addition to this cost we will need to calculate your site specific shipping cost (average of $500-$1,000  per unit depending on your location). We also have a required installation fee of $2,500, which includes assembly and tuning of the unit, and if we install the concrete foundation, expect another cost of approx. $1,700. Therefore the average cost of one unit, delivered and installed by us, will cost about $27,700, plus any sales tax, if installed in Massachusetts. This is an estimated cost, subject to change upon site conditions, travel expenses, and quantity ordered.

If we act as General Contractor’s, we will give you a complete installed package price for the entire system, including the SolarBeam, all piping, water storage, wiring, trenching, engineering, etc.

If we only deliver and install the SolarBeam on your foundation, expect a cost of about $26,000.

Expect the cost of the internal storage tank(s) for hot water, piping, trenching, design, plumbing, electrical, which will be site and use specific, but should begin at about $5,000 to $8,000, for one SolarBeam, and this figure will decrease if you use multible units in series or parallel.

Our annual maintenance fee contracts, which including an annual check up, is $250 a year. Right now this service is only offered to customers within a 50 mile radius of Falmouth, MA, but we will find a technician in your area. All warranty claims will be handled through our office.

We do give wholesale discounts on orders over 3 SolarBeam units.